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Ok, so you have decided on your perfect costume, you’ve done your research and you are up to the challenge of making it yourself but after weeks of searching the internet and fabric shops you are getting nowhere with your quest for a screen accurate fabric. You have hundreds of samples that you have ordered and speaking to sales assistants just yields “we haven’t got that fabric but we have these that are close” The Jabbadashery knows that accuracy is paramount.

Clothears Costumes have a reputation for accuracy and quality, we are costumers that know how frustrating the search for materials can be, that’s why we have started the Jabbadashery, when you buy from us you can have the confidence that we know what you are looking for. The fabrics that we sell are the same high quality fabrics that we use in our own costumes, most of which have been sourced, professionally dyed / finished and in some cases manufactured to our specifications, this means that these fabrics are not available anywhere else and it’s not just fabric, have a look around the site, there are other model parts, greeblies, kits, buckles, buttons and other haberdashery that you may be interested in.

We are always looking out for new fabrics and visiting our suppliers so watch out for updated stock and if there is something that you have been looking for that we don’t have, drop us an enquiry and we will try our best to find it for you.

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